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Geeman gary dating profile german

In addition, while competitor Federal Express was developing its domestic overnight delivery network, DHL focused on further developing its international service.In 1972, the three original investors recruited Po Chung, a Hong Kong entrepreneur, to help them build a global network.

DHL's ever-expanding international presence prompted such stateside competitors as Federal Express and United Parcel Service, as well as the United States Postal Service, to join the fray of global express delivery.Three Men and a Purpose, 1969-79 DHL was founded by three young shipping executives--Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn--who were casting about for a way to increase turnaround speed for ships at ports.They reasoned that if the shipping documents could be flown from port to port, they could be examined and processed before the ships arrived, and speeding up the process would decrease port costs for shippers.With this in mind, the trio combined the first letters of their last names to form the acronym DHL, thus beginning an air-courier company that revolutionized the delivery industry.DHL rapidly developed into an express delivery service between California and Hawaii, then quickly expanded to points east.

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As competition became more intense, DHL increasingly began to cooperate with businesses in similar areas.